Our Mission

To assist our clients at remaining competitive by providing leading techniques for identifying, attracting, and securing top tier talent and optimizing executive talent through executive search, selection, and team building.

What do we see at Pappas DeLaney?

We see that in far too many companies, the processes for executive search and development are broken:

  • Too many company leaders focus on skills and experience in hiring decisions. While skills and experience are important, cultural fit is the greatest factor in determining long-term success.
  • Too many companies fail to recognize disappointing sales or declining productivity as a symptom of an underperforming executive or a dysfunctional management team.
  • Too many companies spend months or years trying to salvage relationships with executives who don’t fit the culture. This wastes time and money, erodes morale and saps productivity.
  • What these companies and their consultants don’t see is that culture drives business performance. We believe this blind spot limits the ability of company leaders to optimize their organizations. That’s why, since our first day of business, we’ve made effective culture the foundation of everything we do.

"Everything we do begins from our recognition that effective culture drives effective business performance."

− Tim Pappas, President and CEO