Building on a Better Approach

Our firm catalogs its experience in executive search over a span of more than twenty years. The tools and procedures have evolved over the years and we tap into that experience to share trade secrets and best practices with our clients. Today, our commitment to equipping clients for long-term success drives all of our engagements. The firm’s consultants share a belief that effective culture drives effective business performance. Having the right skills is important, but more importantly people that fit your organization perform much better than those that do not. That is why every search we do includes a process to define the key elements of your company’s culture and we help you use those elements in the evaluation of each candidate that is presented.

Our consultants are backed by a professional office staff, and are able to help our clients anywhere in the United States.

When you engage with Pappas DeLaney, you can count on us to help you see what others don’t, and produce results that will leave your competitors wondering what they’re missing.

"Everything we do begins from our recognition that effective culture drives effective business performance."

− Tim Pappas, President and CEO