Partnering for Your Success

Pappas DeLaney’s services span the life-cycle of an executive’s tenure with an organization: from recruitment, to executive and management team development. As always, our work isn’t done until we provide you with the tools and strategies that are essential to sustained success.

Executive Search

Any firm can “find a body.” But hiring to the culture takes real work. That’s why we start by working with you to define the key elements of your company’s culture. Then we teach you how to use cultural based interviewing techniques to better identify compatible candidates for all positions.

This process requires significant time getting to know your company. That’s why Pappas DeLaney performs executive searches exclusively on a retained basis, which allows for the kind of in-depth, ongoing business relationship it takes to develop a thorough understanding of your culture, your strategy and your goals.

Executive Coaching

Effective culture drives effective business performance. We see too many business leaders who aren’t acting on this knowledge to optimize their leadership teams.  At Pappas DeLaney we offer a full-service executive coaching program for senior executives and managers.  Are you looking to solve resentment, distrust or dysfunction in your organization?  Partner with our executive coaching staff to learn how to quickly resolve conflicts and build a stronger team.

Organizational Assessment & Development

By focusing first on the link between effective culture and effective business performance, Pappas DeLaney optimizes executive and management team performance.

Pappas DeLaney’s “immersion consulting” method places our professionals in your environment for an insider’s view of the current culture. We observe and diagnose strategic misalignment, political infighting, insincere agreements and other signs of management team dysfunction. Then we work with your executives and management team members to implement practices that ensure they work together to make leadership’s vision for the future a reality.

"Everything we do begins from our recognition that effective culture drives effective business performance."

− Tim Pappas, President and CEO